Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Episode 34 - Tracking Number: 1Z 5RV 000 03 000 600 8 Status: Shipment delayed due to truck-jacking

The last time we saw Vicky and John, they had just been truck-jacked and were locked in the back of John's UPS truck hurtling to destinations unknown.

Despite all of John and Vicky's efforts, they could not open the door and after some time in the back of the truck, falling over each other every time the truck turned a corner or came to a stop, they were both relieved and worried to find that the truck settled into a steady drive...had they gotten on the highway? How far were they going to be taken? They settled down on the floor of the truck, leaning against the boxes, John's arm around Vicky.

Vicky glanced idly around the truck. There were a number of other Stampin' Up! boxes in the truck that were not hers. She said "Wonder whose those are? I bet they are going to be mad that their boxes don't come today! I wonder what UPS will post on their tracking, 'Shipment delayed due to truck-jacking of UPS van?" She found herself laughing in a rather hysterical way and caught herself before she burst into tears.

John squeezed her shoulder, "Don't worry! We're going to be okay!" In truth, he hardly felt that they were going to be okay...he had no clue why anyone would want to highjack his truck. He had no enemies, no one that would want to hurt him. "It must be Vicky they are after," he thought.

Vicky felt so frightened and puzzled; she could not imagine that anyone she knew would do something like this, why, she hadn't an enemy in the world! She thought, "It must be John they are after!"

And so they rode on, and the sky overhead slowly turned dark, plunging the inside of the truck into darkness. Vicky and John fell asleep in each others arms, resting on several handy packages wrapped in thick layers of bubble wrap with the return address of "".

Sometime after our lovers had fallen asleep, the truck pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned skating rink and pulled behind the building. The rear door was suddenly raised and a glaring light shown into the truck, startling John and Vicky awake. John sat up and peered out of the truck at the person standing there, the light limning him (or her) with an aura of menace.

"You!" John said.

Who was it? What do they want? C'mon, you didn't really expect to find out this time, didja? This is a soap, after all, I'm SUPPOSED to keep you wanting to come back for more! I'm not telling, but maybe I will in the next episode of.....THE TEARING EDGE!