Thursday, November 02, 2006

Episode 33 - The plot thickens (though the gravy is too runny)

The last time we saw Dianne, she had just made a shocking discovery. Her tires, flat as a pancake (oh, my...we do have a food theme going here, don't we?) had been slashed by a person or persons unknown.

After Dianne had called the police and called the towing company to take her car to TireMart, she called up the local car rental place and had them drop off a car for her to drive for the day. She bopped off to the craft store, got her votives and came back.

The light on her answering machine was flashing and when Dianne hit the button, the cold-sounding voice on the machine said, "You messages":

{beep} "Mom! I need a book I left in my room for class, is there any way you can bring it? Call me on my cell phone!"

Dianne rolled her eyes. By now, Heather's class was probably over, there was no point in running all the way down to the school with that book. Dianne pressed "delete".

{beep} "Dianne...this is Sara's husband,, the police were here about your tires? And I thought I should let you know that Sara has been in the psychiatric hospital for the last month; she, uh, they found out she has a chemical imbalance they are trying to balance with meds...she couldn't have slashed your tires....well, anyway, I hope you find out who did it. Bye..."

Dianne was stunned. She was so sure that Sara had slashed her tires that she had told the police to pay her a visit. So Sara really had been mentally unbalanced! Dianne felt really lucky to be alive, but it didn't solve who had slashed her tires. Dianne pressed "delete".

{beep} "Heather?...this is Josh. Look, I'm sorry about that business with your mom's friend and everything...I feel really stupid. Can you call me and we can meet for a coffee or something and talk? Call me..."

Dianne thought, "Oh no, not again! This is one message Heather does not need to get!" Dianne pressed "delete".

{beep} Breathing.....then a click.

Dianne who could that have been? Was this connected with the tire-slashing, or was it just a wrong number? She pressed "Save" just in case. She checked the caller ID to see what the number would have been. It was listed as Private Name, Private Number, which was no help at all.

Dianne shrugged and decided she'd better get busy cutting cardstock and preparing other materials for her stamp camp. She had designed a great card that had a piece with a torn edge, so she went to get both of her Tearing Edge tools so she could put it in the box of items that needed to go to the garage. But when she opened the drawer where she kept them, they were not there.

"That's weird," thought Dianne, "I thought I had put them in here after I was done designing that card...where could they be?" She spent twenty minutes or so looking before she gave up, figuring she'd better get a back-up for her stamp camp. Dianne looked for the phone, finally running it to earth in her bedroom and dialed a number.

"Barbara? It's Dianne...could I borrow your Tearing Edge? I need it for the stamp camp I'm having and mine seem to have gone will? That's great...I really appreciate it. See you in a bit! Bye!"

Dianne hung up the phone and decided to go make a bite to eat while she waited for Barbara (yeah, we had to get back to the food...what can I say, I'm hungry!) As she walked out of the bedroom, leaving the phone on the charger by the bed, her closet door, which had been open a crack, swung open a little wider.

Is there someone in the closet? Or is it just the air pressure forcing the door open a little? Who slashed Diane's tires? Why have I eliminated the likeliest suspects in this episode when it would have been so much easier to have picked Sara or Josh? Why do I make this so hard to do? Why don't I get a job? Why don't I just buckle down and write a novel, which my husband assures me will make millions and let him retire and play golf for the rest of his life? So many questions and the only answers are in......the Tearing Edge!


Barbra1224 said...

Thank you Jan! I just love this! You are too clever and creative!

Kendra - SCS: apigonfire said...

Finally!!! :) Great new episode!

pjbstamper (aka Pam) said...

Why didn't you didn't tell me about this???? I'll have to spend the whole day reclining with my laptop to get caught up. like that's a bad thing?? ;)

Robin said...

oh, the suspense...can't wait for the next episode!

Julia said...

OMG I can't believe I missed this by almost a month! Where have I been? Thank you Jan!

Heather said...

so..... what happens next? I can't take it anymore. Please you're killing me here. Put me out of my misery.

Jen70 said...

This is the first episode I've ever read. You should write a book. And I need to figure out who Sara and Josh are! Oh, maybe I should eat breakfast, first. You reminded me that I'm hungry. :)

mjb coffee said...

Oh, when can we expect aother chapter? I thought I had lost this site and here it was, staring me in the face. I am so glad I found it again. Please continue writing, so I can read. - Another food theme - I get hungry for something to read. That's a true story.

Jen said...

I've just read the WHOLE thing, and it was hilarious Jan! More more more!!

Leslie said...

Ohhh ahhh, the drama!!!

Brenda said...

What!!! Jan you can't leave us hanging like this. It's been May since you posted an update. You are enormously funny and talented. :)