Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 9 - Stella = Bridezilla?

When last we saw Stella, she was happily contemplating a June wedding with her true love Cyril. Cyril had offered to stamp all the wedding invitations by hand, but Stella had decided that she would do them herself. Truth to be told, Stella was a bit of a perfectionist; a control-freak if you REALLY want the truth. Stella did not trust Cyril to produce the sort of invitations that she felt were representative of her style, that je ne sais quoi that was her inner Stella, her Stella-ness, as it were.

Stella had also settled on Rose Romance for bridesmaids dresses, as Mauve Mist made her best friend, Marcella, look positively jaundiced and Bliss Blue made her cousin, Angelique, look like a large hyacinth. Stella wanted all her bridesmaids to be happy, of course, but she was really more interested in having the perfect wedding. It was a pity one couldn't choose one's bridesmaids based on whether they were Summers or Winters...Stella had had her colors done and knew, at least, that she would look wonderful in white.

It was a challenge finding fabric that matched her cardstock and inkpad exactly, but Stella was always up to a challenge. The bridesmaids' dresses were at the seamstress' house getting their final alterations and Stella had enrolled all the bridesmaids at Jenny Craig's just to make sure none of the dresses before the wedding. Luckily, Stella, independently wealthy thanks to her daddy's foresight in investing in a large computer company at it's very inception, could afford to pay for them all.

Today she sat happily at the dining room table in her spacious apartment tying organdy ribbon bows in the top of the invitations. She had stamped Very Vanilla cardstock with the filigree background stamp in Rose Romance ink, layered it on top of a piece of Rose Romance cardstock, then layered a piece of vellum with the invitation wording printed on top. At the top she had punched holes to tie the ribbon, tinted with the Rose Romance inkpad, effectively joining the two elements together, much as the wedding ceremony would be joining Cyril and herself together as one. Stella tied the last bow on the last invitation and sighed happily. One hundred and fifty invitations...this was to be an intimate wedding, with only the very best people at it.

Now that the work was done, Stella could play with some of her newest supplies. She had finished trimming and mounting the Alphabet Antiques stamp set she had bought to use in her wedding scrapbook, so she pulled that out of the stacks of plastic stamp boxes stored in her sideboard. Stella found the Rose Romance ink pad and some bits of leftover Very Vanilla cardstock. At first, going slowly, she stamped out "Mrs. Cyril Camper", then more quickly, "Ms. Stella Camper". This was fun. Stella hadn't quite decided whether she wanted to hyphenate her name with Cyril's or whether she wanted to keep her maiden name or go totally traditional and use his name. She tried to stamp "Ms. Stella Stamper-Camper", but there was no "hyphen" stamp in her set. She finally settled on using a pencil eraser, which she whittled into the correct shape. that she had it stamped in ink, she wasn't sure she enjoyed the rhyming effect of their last names together. Stella sat, a frown wrinkling her pretty forehead. Detail was all. She must make a decision soon.

In the meantime, across town in a rather more seedy neighborhood, Cyril sat in his apartment talking on the phone.

"No, I haven't told her yet...frankly, she's driving me totally insane with her insistence on a Rose Romance colored Cadillac limousine for the wedding, Rose Romance this, Rose Romance that! I just don't know if I'm going to be able to go through with this! Mmm hmm..I know I'll be happy afterwards, after all, look at all that I'll be getting! But, right now, I'm just going out of my freakin' mind!....okay, okay, I'll hang in there for now, but I don't know how much more I can take! I love you! Bye!"

Who was Cyril talking to on the phone? Does he love Stella, or is he marrying her for her money? Will he back out of the wedding, leaving Stella with the caterer's bill, the limousine bill, and all those exquisitely stamped invitations, which I suppose she could simply save the bottoms of for her next wedding by removing the vellum and saving the filigree part...but I digress! Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of...the Tearing Edge!

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