Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 8 - Danger at the Dollar Store

When last we saw Barbara, Vicky's new recruit, her husband Brad was getting tired of dirty socks and cold dinners. But no more! Barbara has become Stampin' Discuss savvy! She immediately marks as read all of the conferences she is not interested in...yet. After all, since she has nothing she wants to trade or swap yet, she simply does not read those conferences. No money for convention this year, alas, so she does not read that one either. The rest of the messages can be handled easily if she has an hour free and if she gets behind, Ms. Wby (the lovely moderator of the board) does not post messages on the weekend, so Barb has all weekend to catch up. Brad has started getting his socks washed and hot meals again.

Brad sits in his recliner smiling in satisfaction. Barb was out on a short errand after dinner, a dinner that had consisted of a steak AND a baked potato with steamed asparagus. He wiggled his toes in his clean socks. Aahhh, life was good!

Brad heard the sound of Barb's car in the driveway. That was fast! Brad had been certain that this new "business" that his wife was involved with wouldn't last; after all, when she had tried selling Tupperware, she had been a complete failure. That was okay with Brad; he wasn't sure he wanted his wife to make more money than him. Brad was a successful car salesman and knew a lot about sales. Barbara, he felt, just didn't have that killer instinct it took to make a good sales career. But since this new SU! demonstratorship seemed to be keeping her happy and since he was now getting those domestic services on which he relied to keep him comfortable, he didn't much care.

In fact, Brad had been quite surprised with the result of Barbara's first workshop. She had sold over $700 worth of SU! products. It must be a fluke, he mused. Who in their right minds would spend that much money on rubber stamps?

Barbara bustled in, her hands full of thin plastic shopping bags. "You'll never guess what I found this time!" she said, "Boxes of cork coasters, paper doilies in all different shapes, and pads of notepaper! I bought 'em all!"

Brad looked in dismay at the bulging sacks which said "Dottie's Dollar Boutique" on them. "What are you gonna do with all that junk?" he said. Barbara said happily, "I'm going to stamp on all of it! Why, these items will make great hostess gifts or supplies for make and takes! The best thing is, I got them all so cheap!"

Barbara trundled the bags down to the basement and put them in the corner with a number of other similar bags. Hmmm...there seemed to be quite a lot of stuff here. Barbara suddenly wasn't sure that she'd be able to schedule enough workshops to use up all these things. Before she had started reading Stampin' Discuss, she had never gone in a dollar store before. Barbara and her friends had laughed over the idea of spending money on cheap junk. But once she had discovered all the nifty stuff you could buy there to stamp on, she had been going to every dollar store she could find. Barbara gazed at her purchases, feeling uneasy.

Has Barbara's new dollar store addiction replaced her addiction to Stampin' Discuss? Will she be able to schedule enough workshops to use all of her dollar store finds? Or will her relatives and friends be unwrapping cork coasters and notepads at Christmas time? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of...The Tearing Edge!

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