Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 7 - The course of true love never runs smooth...and sometimes falls downstairs

When last we saw Vicky, she had begun to suspect her feelings for the brawny UPS man, John.

This morning, Vicky got up and dressed carefully. She knew John would be coming at his usual time of 10 AM. John had been coming quite regularly lately, because Vicky had been ordering through OEX every day, just so that she could see John. A package of paper here, two ink pads there; so far, she had been able to cover her purchases, but something would have to be done soon about seeing John without ordering more product!

Suddenly, Vicky noticed that her front steps were icy, due to the freezing drizzle that had fallen during the night. She raced to the closet...her supply of calcium chloride was all out! She had not bought a new jug since this was SUPPOSED to be spring, after all! If you can't count on warmth in April, what can you count on! Oh, if only she hadn't used the remainder trying that cool new effect with watercolor paint! "Better go get some more..." she thought desperately, grabbing her purse.

Five hardware stores later, Vicky finally made her way homeward, exhausted. The search for the salt had led her farther and taken more time than she had ever supposed. Suddenly she realized it was after 10...had she missed John? Her heart raced as she rounded the corner of her street and saw the UPS van stopped in front of her house, motor idling.

John lay at the bottom of her front steps! He wasn't moving! "Dear Lord!" prayed Vicky, "Please let him be all right!" She screeched to a halt in behind the van and picked her way carefully across the ice. She knelt beside him and reached for the pulse point in his throat. She trembled as her fingers touched his warm skin and was relieved to feel a regular heart beat beneath her fingers. She grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and hurriedly dialed "911".

As she waited for the paramedics to arrive, she tried to make him more comfortable, laying her coat over him to keep him warm. She loosened his shirt collar and noticed that just on his collarbone there was a small tattoo. The words "I love" were contained in a small heart, but she couldn't see the remainder of the tattoo, as it was concealed beneath his brown t-shirt. "I love...who?" wondered Vicky. Had John pledged his love to another? He wore no ring, but that meant nothing. Trembling, she glanced around; the paramedics were no where to be seen and no one was watching. She reached unsteady hands and tugged the t-shirt collar down and gasped as she read the remaining words.

Whose name did Vicky see? Will John survive his fall with all his faculties intact? Do Vicky and John have a future together? Stayed tuned for the next exciting episode of...The Tearing Edge!

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