Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 6 - Oh, the pain we inflict on our children....

When last we saw Heather, she had just stormed out of the house after a conflict with her mom, Dianne, over store-bought greeting cards. Heather fled to McDonald's, where she sat glumly in a booth and nibbled at some fries.

"Can I sit down?" a young male voice intruded on her thoughts.

It was Josh, her best friend Mandy's boyfriend. He was cute in a dark and brooding kind of way...not really Heather's type. But at least he was someone to talk to.

"Yeah, sure." Heather said. Josh smiled at her, "'Sup?" he said.

"Oh, just had a fight with my mom. I wish she'd never become a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! It's cardstock, ink, and rubber stamps all the live-long day!" Heather fumed.

Josh's face darkened. "You're telling me!" he said. "My mom goes to those classes. Except she's become a scrapbooker. Now EVERYTHING has to go in the scrapbook! My first pimple, the prom date I DIDN'T have! The 'D' I got in history! It never stops! She follows me around with a camera all the time! She even stages things for the scrapbook! The other day she wanted me to go out for the soccer team, just 'cause she found these soccer stamps in the Stampin' Up! catalog! Man!" Josh stopped, his face flushed and eyes blazing.

Heather looked at Josh. She had never noticed how very darkhis eyes were or how the way his hair fell over his eyes made him look so very appealing. She felt as if she'd known him was the beginning of something she was sure, but she was not quite sure what.

Will Heather come between Mandy and Josh? Will she make it into Josh's scrapbook, shown proudly on his arm in his Senior Prom layout? Or will she manage to keep her feelings in check, all the while longing for him from sidelines of his life? Stay tuned for the next episode of The Tearing Edge!

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