Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 5 - Introducing Dianne

In this episode, Dianne, Vicky's upline, confronts her teenage daughter, Heather, when she comes home from school.

"I found these in your could you?" Dianne sobs as she brandishes a box of store-bought greeting cards. Heather, sullen-faced, mumbles, "Well, I didn't have time to make a card..."

"What!" shrieks Dianne, "Didn't I just buy that new 'Girlfriends' set just so that you could make your friends cards? You told me you just HAD to have it and now...THIS!?!?! My own daughter...buying cards from...that store with the gold crown on it! Didn't I raise you to know

"Mom!" Heather shouts, "You just don't LISTEN! You don't UNDERSTAND! I really need you to just back off, OKAY?! So what if my friends get store-bought cards! Frankly, they
all think you are just a leetle-bit strange, with your insistence on just the right color card-stock with just the right color ink! Normal people don't live this way! They live, love, go to school, all without thinking about stuff like card-stock and ink! Geez, mom, CHILL OUT!" Heather grabs her coat and snatches the box of cards away from her mom as she storms out the door.

Will Heather come home tonight? Will Dianne ever recover from raising a teenaged daughter? Life has it's ups and downs, but it's never dull along The Tearing Edge!

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