Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Episode 29 - Dianne makes a shocking discovery

The last time we saw Dianne, she had just managed to overpower a definitely weird Sara at the SU! convention. She had returned in triumph, to find a very softened Heather and a very unhappy downline, Barbara, who had miscarried her baby. While Dianne was sad for Barbara, she was thrilled to find that Heather had behaved so well over the whole thing. And most of all, Dianne was very happy that the creepy Josh, whom she had never really cared for, was now out of the picture.

But if Dianne had thought it would be smooth sailing with Heather from now on, she was destined for disappointment. Teenagers with hormones at the gallop rarely change for the better all at once. This morning, now that the creepy Josh had gone, Heather was brooding over her college applications. She wanted to go to culinary school, but could not make up her mind which one.

"I just don't know!!" Heather whined, "If I go to this one, I have to live on campus the first year, but this one doesn't have any housing at all! Who knew choosing a school would be so hard!"

Dianne wanted to point out the good features for the school she wanted Heather to go to, one which happened to be close enough to home so that Heather could continue living there. But she had become wiser since the Josh incident. If Dianne tried to get Heather to choose that school, Heather would be bound to pick the school that was farthest away!

"Errghwwewhheh!" shrieked Heather, "I am fed up with this crap! I'm going out for some fresh air!" Heather slapped the brochures and applications down on the kitchen table, grabbed her purse and stalked out the front door, giving it a healthy slam as she did so.

Dianne sighed. She went to the front closet and got Heather's baby scrapbook out and sat flipping through the pages. "God sure knew what he was doing," she mused, "He makes them so cute when they are babies that it becomes impossible to kill them when they are teenagers!"

Dianne often found comfort in gazing at the innocent eyes and chubby cheeks that were once Heather's. Now she was lucky if she saw Heather's eyes at all, since they were often hidden by a curtain of hair or a pair of sunglasses.

Dianne closed the scrapbook with a snap. "Well, that's enough of that! I need to get down to the craft store and pick up some votives for that stamp camp next week!" She stood up and returned the scrapbook to the closet, got her purse and went out to her car which was parked in the driveway since she had set up for her stamp camp in her garage. But as she approached her car, she gasped in shock and disbelief.

All of her tires were flat! And when Dianne got closer, she could see that every tire was slashed with a peculiarly jagged cut in each one. Who could have done such a thing? Dianne raced inside and called the police.Who slashed Dianne's car tires? Was it the creepy Josh? Or the deranged Sara? Is it the same person who is stalking John and Vicky? Only time will tell on....the Tearing Edge!

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