Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Episode 28 - Finally...Vicky and John go on a date

The last time we saw Vicki, she was listening intently to a phone ringing: John’s phone. She was calling him from convention on her cell phone when she ran out of minutes and had had to work fast to get connected through the hotel phone. Vicki had finally gotten through to John and had set up a date with him after she got back from convention. She had floated through convention on a Bliss Blue cloud and Dianne often had to nudge her out of daydreams in order to change classrooms or to move out of the main stage area. But now Vicki was back from convention and getting ready for her first date with John.

Vicki leaned in towards the mirror and applied her eye shadow carefully. She didn’t like too much make-up and was sparing with the mascara too. Her own mother was one of those blue eye-shadow queens from the early 70’s, so one of Vicki’s chosen rebellions was to go for a natural make-up look…anything to avoid looking like her mother!

As she applied her make-up, she wondered where John would be taking her. He told her not to dress up, but that they would be having fun. Pressed for details, he just laughed and said he was sure she would love where they were going.

Vicki had tried on and rejected half a dozen outfits before setting on a pair of jeans, a sweater that was a Sage Shadow color, and her favorite pair of cowboy boots, broken in just right. She swept her hair back, checked her make up one more time and decided she was ready, just as the doorbell rang. She rushed to the door and opened it.

John stood outside, a bunch of flowers in his hand. “The last bunch had a card in them, but I figured these wouldn’t need one, since I’m giving them to you in person!”

“Thank you, John, they are beautiful!” Now that Vicky was with John, conscious of the way he was looking at her and knowing that they finally were going on a real date, she felt shy. She stammered, “Um...just let me put these in some vases, I mean in some water in a vase and we can get going! Where are we going, by the way?”

“Oh, you’ll find out when we get there!” John was grinning at her maddeningly.

Vicky put the flowers in some water and grabbed her purse. John and Vicky walked down to the curb, where John’s Chevy Silverado was parked and got in.

As John guided the truck into traffic, a car parked a few houses down quietly pulled into traffic behind them and proceeded to follow them closely as they went on to their destination.

Where is John taking Vicky? Who is in the car following them so closely? Is it the mysterious girl from the hospital who spoke to Vicky briefly when John was in the emergency room? Is it the deranged Sarah, waiting to revenge herself on Vicky for interrupting her master plan to be Dianne for convention? Or is it some other wacko-nutcase whose secret agenda we don’t know yet? Are you biting your fingernails? Are you? Well, you shouldn’t, ‘cause you never know how long it might be until the next episode of…..the Tearing Edge!

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