Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Episode 27 - Do we have to buy two of everything?

The last time we saw Barbara, she was recovering from her recent miscarriage at Dianne's house. Since then, Dianne had come back from convention with her extraordinary story of being held hostage by Sara, her downline. Barbara was just amazed at the story, and thrilled with the convention goodies that Dianne had brought back.

Barbara had finally moved back home with Brad. Things were still tentative between the two of them; the loss of the pregnancy had brought them together, but it seemed like a truce rather than a cessation of hostilities. Tonight Barbara had her first workshop since losing the baby; she needed to get back on track to boost her sales.

Barbara looked in the mirror. She definitely needed to make up her face. Barbara was blessed with good skin and rosy lips, so she often only needed a touch of eye shadow and mascara in the morning. This evening, though, she looked tired, so she decided to put on a face for her customers.

First, some foundation. Where were those cosmetic wedge sponges she used for that? Oh, that's right, Barbara remembered, I used them all doing polished stone last week. Instead, Barbara dabbed the foundation on with her fingers, hating how the liquid felt on her fingers. Next some eye shadow. Barbara reached in the drawer, fumbling for a fresh applicator as the one in the case looked ragged. Then she remembered: she'd used all the eye shadow applicators in that stamp camp doing chalk dragging! Rats! Oh, well, just use the ragged one, she thought, wincing as the plastic stem poked through the soft tip and scratched her eyelid.

When Barbara had finished her face, she looked at her hair carefully. There was that strand that always stuck out and it was sticking out again! She reached up into the linen closet for that container of hair goo she used in such emergencies. Her fingers met the back of the cabinet without encountering the round jar. Then Barbara remembered; she'd used up the hair goo doing those water cards for another stamp camp and had forgotten to buy more!

Hairspray! That was the answer! Barbara turned to go to her bedroom to grab the can she kept on her dresser since Brad did not like to walk into a bathroom with "hairspray clouds" floating in the air, but then stopped. She remembered that she'd left it in her car after she'd used it at Dianne's house to try something using pastels and had sealed it with hairspray. Brad had borrowed her car today so he could get the oil changed and had left her his Suburu, so no hair spray either!

Well, there was always wetting that part of her hair and blow drying it...ooops! The hair dryer was in the car too! How aggravating! Barbara wet the strand down and decided that it would just have to dry naturally...she was running out of time!

Barbara hopped in the car, which was already loaded with her workshop gear and drove over to her hostess' house. Her name was Amanda and Barbara didn't know her very well; she'd booked her workshop off Barbara's last hostess' workshop.

Amanda opened the door to Barbara's ring: "Barbara, so great to see you! I am all ready for you in the family room and I have a table set up for you to demonstrate on! Come this way!"

Barbara followed Amanda through the house into a large family room on the back of the house. There was a woman standing looking out the doorwall holding something; Barbara couldn't see what it was since her back was to Barbara.

"Barbara, this is my sister-in-law, Kelly and her baby, Anouk. Kelly, this is Barbara, the Stampin' Up! demonstrator" The woman turned and Barbara saw that she had a small baby in her arms; she could not have been very old since Kelly still looked a bit pregnant and was wearing a maternity top that must double as a nursing top. Barbara's brain went numb. A baby! She felt odd...quite faint, actually. "How do you do? How nice to meet you!" Barbara stammered, her mind reeling. She had been trying to forget about her own misfortune and didn't think about babies any more than should could help, but here was one right in front of her! She stammered, "Uh, Amanda, could I use your powder room?"

"Sure thing, Barbara, it's right this way!' Amanda showed Barbara to a half bath off the kitchen. Barbara shut the door, put the lid down on the toilet and sat, shaking. How was she going to go back out there with that baby in the room! It made her feel...she wasn't sure HOW it made her feel, but it wasn't good. Barbara debated about whether she should just tell her hostess that she was sick and bolt home, leaving 12 women high and dry. Amanda was a new customer and the potential link in a long chain of customers, which Barbara could not afford to alienate. What was she going to do?

Will Barbara cut and run out on Amanda? Will she do the workshop anyway, all the while pining for her own child? Will she decided she needs to get pregnant again and go home and er...well, you know! Anyway, if you want to know the answers to these and many other questions, stay tuned for the next episode of.....the Tearing Edge!

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