Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Episode 25 - Dang cell phones, anyway....

The last time we saw Dianne, she was being confronted by Sara, one of her downline. Sara had been so disappointed by not being able to attend convention that she was holding a gun on Dianne and about to tie her up so that she could go to convention in Dianne's place, counting on their startling resemblance to each other to carry it off.

Dianne's mind raced, trying to think of a way out of this dilemma. She peered at the gun in Sara's hand, trying to determine whether it was real or not. "Sara, don't be stupid!" Dianne tried to model a nonchalance that she really didn't feel, "Even if you killed me, you wouldn't get away with it! Surely going to convention this one year isn't worth life in prison!"

Sara's eyes narrowed. She opened her lips, and appeared about to speak, when suddenly the door opened behind her. Vicky came into the room saying, "Dianne, are you ready.....?"

Sara spun around and Dianne leapt forward, wrapping one arm around Sara's neck in a choke hold, while with other hand she grabbed the hand holding the gun and wrenched it out of Sara's hand. Sara gasped and struggled for breath. Dianne forced Sara to the floor, put her knee in Sara's back and pinned her arms behind her. "Vicky, thank God you came in when you did!"

Vicky stood, eyes wide, "Wha'...what's going on? What's Sara doing here? Is that a real gun?"

"I don't know," Dianne said, "Can you check and see?" I have to hold on to Sara until the police get here."

Vicky knelt by the gun where it lay after Dianne had flung it from her. Without touching it, she really could not tell if it was a real gun or not. "I think the police should check this...I don't want to touch it. I'll call the front desk and get them to send security up here and call the cops."

It took quite some time for the whole thing to be wrapped up. The police finally came and determined that the gun was an old cigarette lighter that only looked like a gun. Dianne was worried about Sara; she felt that Sara was more in need of psychiatric treatment than a spell in jail. Dianne decided to not press charges against Sara as long as Sara agreed to get on a plane home and call a psychiatrist immediately. Sara agreed; the rough physical encounter with Dianne and the presence of the police seemed to have snapped her out of the convention mania that had possessed her sometime before.

When everyone was finally gone, Vicky turned to Dianne and said, "There's still time to visit the Memento Mall tonight. You up for it?"

Dianne laughed shakily, reached out and picked up her purse. "Ready whenever you are! Can we grab a drink first...I need something to settle my nerves." A cell phone shrilled, startling both women.

Vicky said, "That one's mine." She flipped up the cover of her phone and said, "Hello? Oh, hi Barbara! What's up?"

Dianne saw Vicky turn white, then pink with excitement. "You did! You've got John's phone number! I can't believe it! Let me find a pen!" Vicky scrabbled in her purse for a pen and a piece of scratch paper and wrote the number down that Barbara provided. "Barbara, you are such a jewel! Thank you nine hundred million times! I'll have to get you something really great from convention! Bless you!...Okay, I'll talk to you later! Bye!"

Vicky hung up and said to Dianne, "It's John's address...I mean his number, you know, his PHONE number...I haven't been able to call him ever and now I can!"

Dianne said, "Well, of course you must call him now! Do you want to meet me at the Memento Mall after you make your call?"

"Yes! I'll meet you down there!" Vicky sat down on the bed after Dianne left the room and pulled out her cell phone. With fingers shaking with excitement she dialed the number.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Would John ever pick up? Finally Vicky heard a click and the voice she had learned to love so well said, "Hello?"

Vicky drew a careful breath. "John, it's Vicky! About the other night when you wanted to go out to dinner, well, I couldn't..." But before Vicky could finish her sentence and tell John she couldn't call him because he had forgotten to write his phone number on the card in the flowers he had sent her, Vicky's phone made a chiming noise and a woman's carefully soothing voice interrupted, "We're sorry, but your Horizon phone has just run out of minutes. Please call your Horizon representative as soon as possible to load more minutes into your phone." There was a click and the phone went dead.

Vicky swore and flung the cell phone aside. Grabbing the paper with the number, she lunged for the hotel phone and navigated the complicated process of charging the call to her credit card and redialing John's number. She held her breath as the last digit went in.

Will John's phone ring? Or will Vicky get a busy signal? Did John think Vicky had hung up on him? Did he switch his voice mail on so that he wouldn't have to talk to her? Or is he sitting by the phone hoping she'll call back? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of....the Tearing Edge!

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