Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Episode 23 - Sara's plans are revealed....

The last time we saw Dianne, she was getting ready for convention, secure in the knowledge that her daughter, Heather, was in good hands with Barbara in the house.

And now Dianne had just arrived at the convention center in Las Vegas and felt the usual thrill of anticipation. She was very careful to keep an eye on her bag, knowing that Las Vegas was full of thieves.

Dianne registered for her hotel room and took the elevator to her room. This was the first year she had decided to get a private room; usually she had shared one with some of her downline. This year, Dianne had some extra cash and decided to splurge. She could always spend part of the evenings chatting with her downline, but Dianne preferred to sleep alone!

At first, after Mike had died, she had missed his warm presence next to her in the night. But as time went on, Dianne had found that she definitely did not miss the sound of his snoring, and the sometimes obnoxious BO that emanated from him if he had been working in the yard and had gotten sweaty. Dianne relished having the bed all to herself.

Traveling to conventions and sharing rooms had sometimes been exhausting. Certain of her downline, she found, snored just as loudly as Mike had. When Dianne would make a joke about it, they actually acted like they had no idea that they actually snored! Dianne was a light sleeper since Mike died and just could not sleep through the noise. But there was no worry tonight!

Dianne was unpacking and hanging her clothes in the closet when she heard a knock at her door. Puzzled, she peered through the peephole. It was Sara! What was she doing here? Dianne was sure she was staying home; Sara had registered too late to get into convention and had sent all her swaps with Dianne.

Dianne opened the door. "Why, Sara! I didn't expect to see you here!" Sara seemed to be nervous, but laughed shakily and said, "Can I come in?" "Sure!" Dianne said, "I'm just unpacking and about to go downstairs to go shopping at the Memento Mall."

Sara stepped inside the door and closed it carefully. "Actually, Dianne, you're not going shopping, I am!" Dianne glanced up from her unpacking, startled. Sara had a gun! "What do you think you're doing, Sara!" Dianne sputtered.

Sara sneered. "You mean you don't have any clue? I'm going to go shopping in your place, to convention in your place, because it's just not fair! I NEED to be there, HAVE to be there, don't you understand? No one will know that I'm not you! I'm going to take your clothes and your ID and I will be you!" Sara laughed, a bit hysterically.

Dianne was appalled. She knew that Sara had been disappointed not to go to convention, but Dianne had had no idea that it had unhinged her to this degree. "Wait a minute, Sara, you don't have any idea what you are getting into! This is a felony, you will be sent to jail once I tell the police what you did!"

Sara smiled, an evil smile. "How do you know that you'll ever get to tell? Bwahahahahaha!"

Is Sara going to kill Dianne, or just tie her up and steal her identity? Will she trade all of Dianne's carefully constructed contempo swaps for warm and wonderful ones? Will Sara get her picture taken with Shelli instead of Dianne? Will Sara's picture appear in the next "On Stage" magazine with Dianne's name tag on her chest? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of.....the Tearing Edge!

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