Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 18 - Introducing Melanie

When last we saw Melanie....actually, we never have seen Melanie, as she is a new character in our saga. So sit down, get comfortable, and prepare to get to know her.

Melanie sighed in satisfaction. She had just gotten her toddler down for her nap and the baby still slept as well. Her 5 year old son was at kindergarten for the afternoon. Melanie could count on 30 minutes, max, to do something without children.

Should she clean the house? It probably could use it. Maybe she should get dinner started? But what Melanie decided to do was pull out the shoebox full of rubber stamps, ink pads and pieces of cardstock already cut to make cards. It wasn't often that she got time to do anything fun for herself and she intended to take advantage of every minute.

Melanie had gone to a Stampin' Up! workshop three weeks ago at a friend's house. Her friend, Priscilla, had come to Melanie's last home party and she felt obligated to come to Priscilla's party. Melanie had no idea how much fun she would end up having! She ended up placing a pretty large order and once it had come in, had sat up late a few nights trying out all her new stuff. She had bought a catalog and spent time at the playground looking at it while her children played. Melanie already had a list going of what she wanted to buy next.

Melanie touched the first stamp to the Lavendar Lace inkpad and shivered in delight. It was just so magical! She simply could not get enough. She "kissed" the stamp to the paper, just like the demonstrator, Barbara, had shown her. When she lifted the stamp, she marveled at the beautiful flower revealed beneath. She would never get tired of doing this!

Melanie worked quickly, finishing one card and starting another. All of the sudden she heard the baby start to fuss. Sarah was a good baby, but if Melanie didn't pick her up when she started to fuss, she was capable of fussing all afternoon and into the evening. Melanie rose quickly and strode into the baby's room.

When she came back, Sarah in her arms, Melanie almost dropped the baby when she saw Victoria, her toddler, standing on a chair with a stamp in one hand and ink smeared liberally all over her face. "I 'tamp, Monny!" Sarah had stamped not only herself, but had "decorated" the table, and a number of sheets of cardstock that Sarah had been planning on using for birthday cards. "Victoria!" wailed Melanie. But she didn't have the heart to punish her, since she knew how much fun stamping was.

Melanie reminded herself that she had never told Victoria *not* to stamp on the table. How many things would she have to remember to tell her children not to do in order to keep them from doing them, Melanie wondered? She had not told Matthew that he shouldn't write on the side of his daddy's SUV with sidewalk chalk; it had simply never occured to her that he would do such a thing. Melanie had never told Victoria not to use her Grandma's lipstick to color in her coloring book either, but that is exactly what she had done. Melanie could never remember doing such things herself, so she just had never thought her children would. Maybe she should sit down and make a list of every outlandish thing she could think of that they might do and then each day tell them not to do at least two of the things on the list!

Plopping the baby in the swing, she ran a wet cloth over Victoria, then used her Stampin' Mist to clean the ink off the table. Melanie got Victoria a snack and settled her in front of a video. She sighed over the cardstock, but took heart when she flipped it over to find that most pieces still had a clean side that could be used. Melanie made a decision: she would have her own Stampin' Up! party. She wanted to learn some more techniques and get free merchandise. Melanie put the rubberstamping box away and pulled a legal pad out and began making her guest list.

Will Melanie find more time for stamping? Will she buy Victoria a set of washable ink pads from the SU! catalog? Will she put the stamps up out of reach to prevent more toddler stamping disasters? Will she end up signing up under Barbara, giving Barbara her first recruit? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of.....the Tearing Edge!

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