Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 17 - More frustration for Vicky

The last time we saw Vicky, she still hadn't heard anything from or about John. It had been 4 weeks, and no word at all. Somehow, she hadn't managed to catch the new UPS driver so she could ask him/her about John either; the new driver must have changed the delivery route times.

This morning Vicky was busy getting ready to go into her day job. She worked in the afternoons and into the early evening at the interior design firm. Vicky put the final touches to her make-up and glanced at the clock. Still had 40 minutes before she had to go; she might as well do a bit of Stampin' Up! work before she left. She pulled the retired list out and began marking the stamp boxes that were due to retire soon with a sticker she had marked with the lip stamp from the St. Patrick's day set...that was due to retire itself! Now what was she supposed to do for a pair of lips?

The doorbell rang, startling Vicky from her lip reverie. She went to the front door and looked through the peep hole. She didn't recognize the face at all. "Who is it?" Vicky asked through the door. "Flower delivery for Vicky Vellum!" the man replied.

Vicky opened the door. The delivery man, a short and swarthy individual, said, "Sign here." Vicky signed and took the large box from him. As the delivery man left, Vicky shut the door and put the box on the kitchen table. Who could these be from? She opened the box and found one dozen lilac colored roses! How gorgeous! They were just the shade of Almost Amethyst, her favorite cardstock/ink color! She searched for the card and finally found it nestled in the ferns that accompanied the bouquet.

With trembling fingers, she slid the card out of the envelope and read:

"To Vicky, the woman who saved my life! I apologize that I have not let you know how I am, but I just got my memories back from before I fell. Please call me at this number this evening. I'd like to take you to dinner so that I can thank you properly.

John Porter"

Vicky gasped with delight. John was all right! He wanted to take her out to dinner! But...where was the number she was supposed to call! It wasn't on the front of the card! She flipped it wasn't on the back either! She had heard that closed head injuries could cause forgetfulness, but apparently it had even made John forget to write the very number she needed to call that evening to set up dinner with him! What was she going to do now?

Will Vicky figure out how to get that crucial phone number? Is this just going to be a dinner, or will it be something more? Will John's lips soon make up for the retirement of her favorite rubber lips? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of....the Tearing Edge!

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