Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 16 - Extra Effort

When last we saw Barbara, she had been indulging in a session of weeping over the retiring sets list. Barbara had found herself very emotional lately and over the stupidest things! She couldn't think what had come over her. Barbara put it down to fatigue...she certainly had been very tired lately.

To cheer herself up, she had spent last night playing with her stamps and some of the new supplies she'd ordered from SU! Barbara had decided to get as much mileage out of her soon-to-be retiring sets and to demo the heck out of them. She had ordered some Dazzling Diamonds glitter to use with the Magical & Mystical set and it had gotten everywhere. Still, the samples had turned out very well and Barbara was sure they would sell lots of sets, especially when her ladies found out it was retiring soon.

This morning Barbara had her yearly check-up at the gynecologist office and had, for some reason, slept late. She realized she didn't have time for a shower, so she ran in the bathroom, grabbed a washcloth from the edge of the tub and gave herself a quick wash in the area that mattered most. At least her legs were shaved! Barbara finished getting ready and ran out the door to her car.

At the doctor's office, Barbara waited patiently in the room until the doctor came in. After discussing her fatigue problem and the irregularity of her cycle lately, he had her hop up on the table. Barbara lay on her back with her legs in the stirrups and tried to think about stamping. The doctor turned on the lamp and remarked, "My, you *have* made an extra effort today!" Barbara was puzzled...what could he mean? The discomfort of the procedure soon drove the question completely out of her head.

Later, after he was done, the doctor asked her to step across to the restroom and give a urine sample. After that, Barbara was free to go home.

When Barbara got home she decided to tidy the bathroom, which she had left in some disarray with her hasty preparations that morning. She turned on the light and picked up the washcloth she had used. It glittered in the light and Barbara recalled that she had used that very washcloth to wipe down her stamping table last night. Suddenly Barbara realized what the doctor must have meant! She blushed in mortification, but the thought of what must have happened when he turned on the light soon had her laughing hysterically!

At the moment when her laughter was finally dying away, the phone rang. Barbara answered it. "This is Doctor Spec's office calling. The doctor would like to speak to you about the test results from this morning. Could you hold please?"

What is wrong with Barbara? How can Barbara even talk to the doctor again after what had happened this morning? Will Barbara be more careful with where she put the wet washcloths next time? Will the doctor tell all the nurses, making them snicker every time Barbara came back? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of....the Tearing Edge!

(note: this episode is based on a true story someone had sent me in an email. Apparently this actually happened to an Australian woman when she went to her gynecologist...her daughter had left a washcloth filled with glitter in the bathroom! I thought with a little adaptation, it would make a great Tearing Edge episode! The woman had submitted her story to a newspaper for a "Most Embarrassing Story" contest and had won a lot of money for it.)

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