Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 15 - A bouquet of reactions

It was May 15th and all over Stampingtown demonstrators were waking up to find the retired list of stamps on the SU! website. They were emailing each other with the tidings of favorites being retired and many were the moans heard. We thought instead of following just one of our characters today, we would jump around a bit. If you get nauseous, take a deep breath, gaze at the horizon and return when you're ready!

Vicky woke up early and kept checking the SU! Demonstrator Website until finally she got the flyer. It was true...Button Bear was going! Button Bear was one of Vicky's favorites for demonstrating masking techniques and now she would have to give some thought as to what to use in its place. Still, Vicky was hardly affected by the news. Vicky had been a demonstrator long enough to realize that old sets must make way for new. And she was still on tenterhooks in regard to John, the UPS driver. After waiting for a good length of time in the waiting area of the emergency room, she had finally had to leave without finding out who the lovely young woman was. Vicky had left her name and number at the reception desk, but had heard nothing yet. The hospital would only say that John was in "good" condition, whatever that meant.

Barbara sat before her computer in a state of shock. Nearly every set she had bought since becoming a demonstrator was on the retired list. This was going to be a significant financial hardship for far, she had managed to cover her expenses, but now she'd have to reinvest in new sets. How was she going to manage? And she'd been so tired lately! Barbara began to sob.
Dianne viewed the list with satisfaction. So many of the sets she considered to be "clip-arty" were going. Some of her favorites for demonstrating were on the list, but overall, she was more than satisfied. Dianne favored the sketch sets and the more contemporary designs. She had also received her June Stampin' Success in the mail and was captivated by the three new sets shown, resolving to preorder every single one. She marked her calendar to remind her to order the sets and the new catalog cards on June 1st. Flipping forward she looked at July...yes she had marked the dates for convention there, but she was troubled. What was she going to do with Heather? The girl was still too young to be left alone and seemed to be hinting that she actually did not want to go with Dianne to Las Vegas! If Heather thought her mother was going to leave her in the house alone while she was gone, she had another think coming!

As one of Dianne's best customers, Stella had been emailed the flyer as soon as it became available to Dianne. She had put it on the sideboard resolving to look at it later. Cyril had come to pick her up so they could go play tennis and while Stella was finishing the final touches to her make-up, Cyril looked it over. This was gold, this was, this inside knowledge of what was being retired, Cyril thought to himself. Cyril did not understand why Stella had never taken the step of becoming a demonstrator; she certainly spent enough money on stamps! He resolved to try some more gentle persuasion to get her to sign up. If Stella were in-the-know about things, if she could order soon-to-be retiring sets in quantities for him, he could sit on them for a year or so and then clean up on that auction site!

Stella's computer beeped and said "You've got mail!". Stella could easily afford a cable connection, so she just left it online all the time. Cyril surreptitiously looked at the e-mail subject line; it was the new announcement of the re-released set for the next month! Cyril couldn't resist...would it be Stella Stamper? He personally had 50 potential clients waiting for Stella sets and he could really make a killing. His heart pounded and his fingers twitched as he clicked open the attachment.....

Cyril moaned in anguish; it was Chore Chart, not Stella! He grabbed both sides of his head and twisting violently to and fro, Cyril's frustration was finally voiced in a loud cry as he fell to his knees, "STELLLLLLAAAAAA!"

"Why are you shouting, dear, I'm only in the next room?! Oh, my, are you okay?"

Will Cyril's anguish result in a brain aneurysm? Will Heather be left to her own devices during convention, or will Dianne drag her kicking and screaming to Las Vegas? Why is Barbara so tired? Why hasn't Vicky heard anything from John? So many twists and turns along the road of life, it's impossible to tell what may happen next on....The Tearing Edge!

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