Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 13 - Sister act?

The last time we saw Vicky, she was kneeling beside John, the UPS delivery man that she was secretly in love with. The ambulance was just arriving as Vicky discovered that John had amnesia and didn't remember her at all! The ambulance had pulled away with John inside and Vicky had followed it to the hospital. Now she paced in the waiting area of the emergency room, waiting to hear word of John. Because Vicky was not a relative, she had not been allowed
to accompany him into the emergency room.

Suddenly, a lovely young woman rushed into the emergency room reception area and ran up to the information desk. "Is John Porter here?" she breathlessly asked. Vicky didn't hear what the woman at the information desk asked, but the young woman said, "Yes, yes, I am! Can I see him now?" She was escorted into the emergency room. Who could this be? Was this a sister? A cousin? Worse yet, a fiance? A wife?

Vicky didn't know if she could bear it if John was married. How would she avoid seeing him when he was the driver assigned to her route and she had to order things from Stampin' Up!? Vicky decided she'd have to move! And she'd just finished stamping all her kitchen walls with the Definitely Decorative Country Apple set and was now working on her powder room, using Cottage Rose! Not to mention, Vicky would probably never find as good of a stamping room
in another house! Life just wasn't fair!

As Vicky gloomily sat contemplating moving to a new house with unstamped walls, the young woman came into the waiting area. Glancing around she finally saw Vicky and came up to
her. "Are you the woman who helped John Porter?" she asked in a quiet voice. Up close, she was even lovelier than she appeared from a distance. She had lovely dark hair and Vicky could swear she had violet eyes, like Elizabeth Taylor. Vicky thought of her own light brown hair and hazel
eyes. How could she compete with this goddess?

Vicky nodded. "Yes, I am. I'm Vicky Vellum. John was delivering a package to my house when he fell. Is he going to be all right?"

The young woman said, "Yes, the doctor thinks the amnesia is temporary and he should get his memories back soon. He knew who I was, which was a good sign. The doctor said that childhood memories don't disappear as easily as things that have happened more recently."

Vicky perked up. Did this mean the young woman was a relative? Was there hope after all? "I'm sorry," Vicky said, "I didn't get your name?"

"Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I didn't tell you! "I'm..." the young woman had begun to say when suddenly the emergency room doors burst open and a nurse came rushing up to her. "Come quickly, there might be a problem!" the nurse said breathlessly. The young woman and the nurse rushed back into the emergency room, leaving Vicky staring after them, her fears at their worst, and still ignorant of the young woman's identity.

Is the young woman John's sister? Or his childhood sweetheart, now his fiance or worse, his wife? Will Vicky have to move to a house with plain walls? Or will she learn to avoid John, hiding in her house until after he leaves the package on her porch, with the door mat draped over it
to hide it? And who do they think they are fooling, anyway, when it's so obvious that there is a box under that mat? HEL-LO! Oh, uh,...anyway, stay tuned for the next exciting
episode of....The Tearing Edge!

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