Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 12 - Dianne & Heather, Heather & Dianne

When last we saw Dianne, she had just had a confrontation with her daughter, Heather, over store-bought greeting cards. It had been a couple of weeks since that confrontation, but Dianne and Heather had been skirting around the issue ever since. Dianne wondered what was going on in Heather's life; she had become rather withdrawn and secretive. Dianne had caught her with the phone in her room a couple of times, giggling and acting flirtatious with whoever was on the other end of the line. When Dianne had asked her who she was talking to, Heather had just muttered, "Nobody," and hung up abruptly.

Heather had been campaigning for her own phone for quite some time now, but Dianne kept saying "No", just as she had said "No" to the request for her own television, for a modem for the computer in Heather's room so she could go online, and for her own cell-phone. Dianne's assertion, "I grew up without all that in my room and I managed to survive just fine without them", fell on deaf ears.

Now Dianne, who had not been able to get on to Stampin' Discuss for a few days because Heather was always on the phone, was beginning to wonder if her hard line was really worth sticking to. Most of the moms she knew had already caved in and bought whatever their teenagers desired. Dianne knew that this was just the thin edge of the wedge and if she gave in now, the arguments and demands would not stop, but probably increase exponentially. Still, it would be nice to be able to use the one phone line they all shared!

Dianne wished she could have discussed all this with Heather's father, Mike, but Mike had died five years ago. If only he had listened when she told him that embossing gun was still hot! But he had picked it up by the wrong end and burned himself, falling over the balcony of the patio of their cliffside home in the agony of his pain, right in the middle of a stamp camp! Mike had always been a bit of a clutz. "Maybe Heather has always blamed me for her dad's death," Dianne mused, "That would explain her dislike of stamping!" Dianne knew she should sit Heather down and talk to her about this, but she had a downline meeting scheduled for tonight. She had started making eyelet charts for them all and needed to set the last few. Dianne had left her hammer in the kitchen where she had needed to rehang a picture that had fallen down, so she went to fetch it. As she neared the kitchen doorway, she overheard Heather, on the phone yet again.

" doin'?" Heather said in a breathy sort of voice. There was a short pause.
"Oh,....I'm like...ya know...just hangin' at home. Mom's got a meeting tonight...yeah....oh, really? Well...I dunno...I guess I could...all right!" Heather turned and saw Dianne standing in the doorway, "Oh, uh, I'll...well..later!" Heather hung up the phone, tossed her hair, and stalked down the hall. When she reached the door of her room, she said, "Oh, um, Mom?"
Dianne turned, "Yes, honey?"

"Oh,, I'm going to go out with Melissa tonight, uh, we're going to the library to, uh, like study!" Heather blurted out.

Dianne was suspicious, but what could she do? She couldn't follow Heather everywhere. "Who's driving you?"

"Uh, well, Melissa, her dad is going to lend her the car."

"All right, but I want a phone call when you get there and you can only stay out until ten, it's a school night."

"All right mom...ya know, if I had my own car, I could drive myself!" Heather had returned to the litany of teenaged demands she had been reciting for the last two years.

"Don't even go there, Heather!" Dianne retorted. Sometimes, this teenaged slang came in handy, she thought to herself. She certainly had no pithier way of saying it!

Who was Heather talking to? Is she really going to study with Melissa, or is the dark, handsome Josh going to be waiting for her at the library? Life is never dull along...the Tearing Edge!

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Christamatina said...

please please please, I must know what happens next!! :) I love the tearing edge as much as I love SCS. that should tell you something!! lol