Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 10 - John comes around...

When last we saw Vicky, she was kneeling beside John, the brawny UPS driver. John had fallen down the icy steps when he was making a delivery to Vicky's house. Vicky had called 911, but the ambulance had not yet arrived.

Vicky sat back on her heels, stunned at the import of what she had just seen. When she had opened the neck of his shirt to make it easier for John to breathe she had discovered a tatoo on his collarbone that said, "I love" with the rest hidden beneath his brown t-shirt. Vicky, unable to bear her curiosity, had tugged the t-shirt down and read: "I love stampin'!"

Was it true? Had Vicky found the man of her dreams, one who would truly understand her?

Vicky had almost given up on dating; at her age, so many of the good men were already married and Vicky doesn't mess with married men. As for the rest of the men she had dated, they were either jerks (like Carl) or simply strange in some other way, like the man who was obviously such a mama's boy that he talked to his mother on his cell-phone through the entire date. Vicky had also grown extremely wary of work-place dating; at the place where she worked, an interior design firm, she had seen couples come to grief at the workplace after meeting and dating each other. Plus, it seemed like so many of the men in interior design,, her dad used to say, "Their door hinges swing in the other direction." Not that Vicky felt there was anything wrong with that, but it didn't get her a date on a Saturday night.

Vicky heard sirens wailing in the distance. She looked up to see if she could spot the ambulance, but it hadn't come into sight yet. Vicky looked down at John. His eyelids were fluttering!

John opened his eyes; those blue eyes that were not full of laughter, as usual, but now reflected puzzlement. "Where am I?" he whispered.

"Oh, John, thank goodness you've come to! You're at my fell...the ambulance is on it's way! You're going to be just fine!" Vicky sputtered in relief and joy.

John gazed at Vicky, a small frown creasing his forehead, "Yeah...I get that part, but....who are you?"

Will John regain his memory? Will another woman show up at the hospital to claim John as her own? Will Vicky finally be able to use that Happy Healings set she bought with her last instant income to make a card for someone who really will appreciate the effort that went into the creation? Will she dare to use the "Hugs & Kisses & Get Well Wishes" stamp or will she opt for the more emotionally conservative penguin with an ice pack stamp? Life's imperfections only contribute to its charms on....The Tearing Edge!

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Jen said...

Did NOT see that tatoo coming! You are hilarious!!!!